Why Choose ISE?


Exchange programs are life-changing opportunities involving a thrilling adventure to a foreign country. ISE offers a variety of programs for students ages 13-17 to a number of beautiful locations. Our programs are the very best possible for the greatest number of students at the lowest possible price. We provide the highest opportunities to experience different cultures, practice other languages, and gain global perspectives. This is all due to our status as a strictly reciprocal exchange company. Due to the added family experience, we are able to offer our programs at a low price and you will gain more experience, connections, and memories when you intertwine your life with those of a family living in a different culture.

At ISE, we strive to build better programs each and every day. We have a committed, dedicated and experienced staff working hard behind the scenes to ensure the best for each and every participant. We have strived to develop strong working relationships with other exchange partner organizations to guarantee quality for our foreign affairs. Our programs are enhanced through the openness and integrity offered through a network of Ontario school boards and of that of our partners.

We pride in programs offering students a visit that is both cultural and educational. As a participating student, you will simultaneously get the exciting chance to travel and learn about a country you are enthusiastic about and to gain a unique educational experience by attending a foreign school and/or by developing your language skills on a daily basis.

During our last few exchanges, we conducted feedback surveys for our participating students and have been highly complimented for our programs. We asked all students to rate their experience and received 88% of our total students grading the program with a 4/5 or higher, 58% grading a perfect 5/5, and not a single student giving us a 1. Additionally, a great number of students emphasized how life-changing their experience was and how they developed powerful bonds with their partner and their family.

ISE is ahead of the game when it comes to international exchanges. We offer a truly memorable experience that you do not want to miss!

By Sarah Zeran