Overcoming Your Fears


Everyone is afraid on some level to grow up and face the world independently, but we all have to do it eventually. Overcoming fears that you have about the future, travelling, freedom, and more will be essential during your ISE exchange. Taking this first, big step will make all the other scary little steps following it seem far easier than they ever had before. But if you never take chances and put the effort in, you will never overcome these fears.

Things are usually far less scary than we make them out to be. Everyone has a tendency to worry when facing the unknown. You never know what could happen in such cases until they actually occur, but you can’t discover the truth if you never give it a try. You may throw yourself into a new experience and realize, “Oh. That was a lot easier and a lot more fun than I ever expected it to be!” and maybe you will even want to experience it again.

As far as big steps go, the ISE exchange is not something to fear. While some jitters are practically inevitable, we try our very best to ensure a safe and fun exchange for each and every one of our students. You will never have to face the situation on your own, with your family, our ISE employees and chaperones, and your new exchange family helping to guide you every step of the way. Even if you have trouble adapting at first, you will be in a supportive environment to learn and grow.

To further face your fears, do not focus on all the things that could go wrong, instead count the pros that you know will occur on your exchange. You will develop more confidence, responsibility and maturity. You will expand you knowledge of a second language and a new culture. You will make new friends and have the chance to share your own culture with them. Use the good things as motivation to work yourself through any bad things.

Find those places where fear is holding you back from doing something and fight against it! Take a chance on an exciting adventure into the unknown.

By Sarah Zeran