Forms & Policies

All potential exchange applicants should take the time to carefully review our policies before applying for an exchange program with us.

Exchange Guide

Each participant receives a copy of the “Family Guide to a Successful Exchange” with their acceptance package. This handbook contains all the information required for both the hosting and visiting portions of the exchange.

Download Family Guide to a Successful Exchange

Conditions of Participation

Download Conditions of Participation

Insurance Package (+Additional Information)

Download Insurance Package
Download Insurance Plan Info


Cancellation Policy

It is the policy of ISE Ontario to cancel or postpone a program in certain circumstances.

Download Cancellation Policy

Hospitality Obligation Policy

All ISE exchange programs are reciprocal in nature, so the applicant and applicant’s family must be willing and prepared to host a visiting student for the time designated.

Download Hospitality Obligation Policy

Refund Policy

It is the policy of ISE Ontario to issue full refunds of application fees or payments in certain circumstances and to issue partial refunds in others.

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Student Internal Travel Policy

All exchanges will be based into and out of Toronto. Participants who opt to book domestic flights to/from Toronto are responsible for doing so themselves, at their own expense and their own risk. These participants are also responsible for informing the ISE office of their flight details.

Download Student Internal Travel Policy

Travel Authorization Letter

Families who plan to travel outside the country with their exchange student must have a letter of authorization from the parents giving their permission, along with a copy of the student’s e-ticket and their passport.

Download Travel Authorization Letter

Travel Deviation Policy 

It is the policy of ISE Ontario not to permit travel deviations that extend beyond the scheduled program.

Download Travel Deviation Policy

Travel Documentation Policy

In compliance with the rules enforced by the airlines, all ISE exchange participants are responsible for ensuring they have the documentation they will need in order to travel to and from Europe. Participants who are Canadian citizens require a passport valid at least three months past their return date. All other participants are responsible for determining what documentation they will require.

Download Travel Documentation Policy

Volunteer Letter

Each participant must submit a clear Police Criminal Record Check(s) for anyone 18 and over living in the host home(s). Apply for your Police Criminal Record Check as a ‘volunteer’ using the Volunteer Letter.

Download Volunteer Letter

Vulnerable Sector Screening Policy

In order to participate in an ISE exchange program, all members of the exchange applicant’s household who are 18 years of age and over must apply for a Vulnerable Sector Screening with their local police department and submit to the ISE office upon receipt.

Download Vulnerable Sector Screening Policy