Parental Benefits

Parents who allow their children to participate in an ISE exchange have much to gain from the opportunity, a great deal of this centering on the development of their child. Applying your child for one of our programs will provide them with a once in a lifetime opportunity that they will not soon forget or regret. It also provides parents with a unique opportunity to grow and learn themselves.

Parents have the chance to grant their child independence. Sometimes it can be very difficult to let go of the reigns, especially in a program like our exchange where your child would be so far away for so long. However, allowing them this will give the child a chance to grow significantly. The more freedom they are given, the easier it will be for them in the future. It will also be easier for parents as their child may not have to so heavily rely on them in the coming years.

Parents will also gain a new family member as they will have plenty of time to get to know their child’s exchange partner. For the duration of the exchange the child will be looking to the parents for guidance, support, and help discovering the Canadian cultural experience. This grants the parent a unique teaching opportunity as they share our country and our language. They are encouraged to plan fun trips that will showcase Canadian culture to the students, and these will surely be a joy to experience for the whole family.

Parents will learn from the foreign partner as well as their own child about a whole other culture that will help them to expand their cultural awareness. Parents will be allowing their child a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity by participating in our exchange. It is inevitable that they will develop their language skills, increasing their overall intellect in the process. Their resume will be improved with their added knowledge, and they will have an increased chance of being hired for a well-paid job position. Your child will also be more accepting, understanding, and have great preparation for this 21st century life in the global village.

There are little to no cons in engaging with a learning experience as hands-on and thorough as ours. All participating have something great to gain from it. Parents have every reason, for both their sake and their child’s to take a chance on our exchange and immerse themselves in a whole new culture!

By Sarah Zeran