Who We Are

Alt Text International Student Exchange – Ontario is a registered not-for-profit corporation offering Ontario students reciprocal, school board approved exchange programs with Europe and Quebec. Our dedicated staff works in close collaboration with reliable exchange partner organizations and Ontario school boards to provide Ontario students and families with the best possible exchange experience.

We administer our programs in cooperation with participating Ontario school boards based on a shared vision of developing language skills and increasing cultural awareness among Ontario students.

People should be lining up to take part in the international exchange program! Go to your school’s counselling office and ask them about it, don’t miss out on it because it could very well turn out to be the trip of your life!

Our partner organizations are exchange organizations that work independently of each other and of ISE ONTARIO. As such, each of our partners set its own fees, candidate selection criteria, program guidelines, conditions of participation and communication networks. Each organization agrees to recruit candidates for exchanges to take place on a predetermined time line, to match students on the basis of common interests, age and lifestyles, and to provide information and support to both the visiting and hosting participants for the duration of the exchange period.

ISE ONTARIO places a great deal of importance on good governance, accountability and risk management and fulfils all the requirements set out in the Ontario Corporations Act.