Go First

Go Abroad from February – April/May 2019, Host from August – November 2019

This timeline falls within one calendar year and two school years and involves visiting your partner in the winter/spring then hosting your partner in the fall.

Mid April to October
Students complete the application process with the required approval of their school (elementary students require approvals from both the elementary school they attend and the high school they will be attending), fees and Vulnerable Sector Checks and submit to the ISE office by October 2018. Successful applicants are matched with a student of similar age and interests. Students receive information about a proposed partner and submit acceptances by late October.
November to January One week after acceptance, students begin communication with their exchange partner and family. Full payment is due November 30, 2018. Mid-January to early February, regional Pre-Departure Meetings are held to prepare students and parents for the period abroad.
Early/ Mid February
to Mid April/May
Ontario students leave early to mid-February spending 9 or 12 weeks with their partner returning home early April/ May.
June Early to mid-June, regional Pre-Arrival Meetings are held to prepare students and parents for the hosting period.
Late August to Early/Mid
Visiting students arrive in Ontario in late August. 9-week visiting students return home on November 1 and the 12-week students return home in mid-November.