Our Mission

The primary goal of ISE ONTARIO is to provide:

  • The best possible programs
  • For the greatest number of students
  • At the lowest possible cost


  • Is committed to offering quality exchange programs, educational and cultural visits
  • Is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and offering its programs at the lowest possible cost to participants
  • Achieves its mission through the valued commitment and effort of experienced and dedicated educators and support staff
  • Values the strong working relationships with our exchange partner organizations in the mutual interest of providing quality programs
  • Provides students with the opportunity to experience different cultures, practice other languages, and gain global perspectives
  • Provides individual benefits to participants and heightens social awareness and a sense of global responsibility
  • Advocates better understanding and greater acceptance of others

ISE ONTARIO Exchange Programs:

Dreams, every teenager has them, whether they are big or small. One common dream is to travel the world. Choosing to participate in a student exchange will allow you to see beyond the typical tourist spots such as going to a small, secluded valley in the Alps for skiing, visiting the quaint towns and markets, and seeing plays at the local theatres. With your own personal, three month tour guide, the opportunities are endless!
  • Are enhanced through openness and integrity within the organization
  • Are offered to students through a network of practicing Ontario school board and school exchange contacts

The Board of Directors and staff of ISE ONTARIO acknowledge the school board exchange contacts, teachers, and school staff whose dedication and support continue to make these valuable educational opportunities available to Ontario students.