Ontario Students’ Insurance Information (Winter/Spring 2017)

All Ontario students receive group travel insurance through Globetrek Insurance.

Here are the details by travel group:

Group Name Policy # Type
France Nine Week  M 05591 Hospital/Medical
Switzerland  M 05592 Hospital/Medical
France Twelve Week  M 05593 Hospital/Medical
Spain  M 05594 Hospital/Medical
Germany & Italy  M 05595 Hospital/Medical

The students are provided with two specific coverages:  Travel Cancellation and Interruption (see Plan 3, pages 13-21) & Travel Emergency Hospital/ Medical Insurance (see Plan 4, pages 22-31).

Click here to download the Insurance Policy Booklet

Student Manuals
Each participant receives a copy of the Student Exchange Manual with their acceptance package. This handbook contains all the information required for both the hosting and visiting portions of the exchange.

Click here to download the Student Exchange Manual

Travel Authorization Letter
Families who plan to travel outside the country with their exchange student must have a letter of authorization from the parents giving their permission, along with the a copy of the student’s e-ticket and their passport.

Click here to download the Travel Authorization Letter

Volunteer Letter
Each participant must submit a clear Police Criminal Record Check(s) for anyone 18 and over living in the host home(s). Apply for your Police Criminal Record Check as a ‘volunteer’ using the Volunteer Letter.

Click here to download the Volunteer Letter