Air France Strike Update

We wanted to provide an update on the upcoming May 7th return date.

As you get closer to your reunion with your child, what should be excitement may be a cause of angst at the moment.

Air France cannot confirm what strike action will occur on the 7th nor can it be determined at this time what course of action will occur.

As a result, Air France cannot provide us with a course of action to pass along to you.

What we have done is work with our travel agent and have been in contact with the airline daily.

Air France has collected all our student, chaperone, and flight details and will make any changes (if needed) as a group.

We have been told that once Air France announces their action for that date, they will manage our file to ensure one of the four outcomes:

  1. Fly as normal
  2. Delay of flight departure time for same day
  3. Be redirected to another carrier–this may happen as one group or we are divided amongst chaperones into smaller groups on different airlines
  4. Be put up in a hotel until they can fly our group out (usually happens within 24-48 hours) at the expense of the airline and/or insurance

We are monitoring the communication and preparing our personnel in case the airline makes changes to our itinerary to ensure our group is supported on the ground in Europe.

We hope to have more information towards the end of the week and will reach out again with any updates and again on Monday morning.

For any participant required to connect to another flight in Toronto, we recommend you reach out to your carrier so you understand the options available to you should the itinerary change.

We will provide the next update Friday, May 4th, 2018.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please be assured your child will be taken care of.